In an awkward trance after a long long time….

See that picture above? That’s the perfect representation of my mind at current point of time. Iam writing this note for no reason. Actually just to let myself dance with the words. The thoughts in the mind are vague and vivid at the same time.

 Some are filled with agony, some are filled with rage. Some are filled with fun, some are filled with faith. Some are filled with hopes and some are filled with disappointments. I haven’t been in this phase of my mind since a long long time and I am actually liking it.

 The human mind is such a complex thing? Why do we think? Why do we dream? What are the emotions? What are the feelings? Scientists and philosophers have been trying to find the answers since the beginning of human evolution and yet, even after 1000s of yers of discovery of language, the question is still unanswered.

 We think in the forms or words and visualizations mostly. I am just wondering right now, what it would have been like to think without the words. Our ancestors, who didn’t have luxury of language and words had just luxury of thinking through pure visualization and nothing else. And then at the same time, I wonder, how would a person like Hellen Keller think? A person who didn’t have the luxury or getting visuals in her head. 

 I know I am not making any sense in this note anywhere so far, but I am just writing this because I just want to. 

 And yes, I am neither drunk nor doped or high. I am purely sober. 

 Now another thought pops out of the head, about the the people who call themselves atheists. And the root of the thought is based on the thought of having a life without faith. Is it possible to have a life without faith? I don’t know, and I don’t believe that any single person can prove that s/he has lived life without faith.

 Faith is the root of evolution which has led us to where we are. When we are born, even though we dun remember it, the foundation of our existance lays in the faith we put in our parents/guardians. We always believe in them, whatever they will do to us is going to be GOOD for us. Then we gradually grow up and our circle of pople we believe in, put our faith in, expands. In terms of relatives, in terms of friends, in terms of classmates, in terms of our teachers, in terms of our colleauges and finally in terms of our spouses. The gradual process of growing up and building up the thoughts on the bases of the experiences we have in life, we get so much boggled up in our thoughts and our own knowledge that some point down the line we just forget that the cornerstone of the building called “I” has been entirely built up on conscious/sub conscious “FAITH” we put in ourselves and others.

 Back to atheism, what exactly is “GOD”? If you ask a Hindu he will come up with many names. I.E. Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Vishnu and many many more. We have 160 million gods down there! We are confused. If you ask a Muslim what is god, I don’t really what will they answer but most of their beliefs and faith are based on the Prophets teachings. If you ask Christians, the same thing is there. Jesus, the prophet, was the son of god and their beliefs are based on the teaching he preached about god. So goes for every faith. But what exactly is god? Someone who created the universe? Or someone who created life? Is it some person or is it just an energy? 

 What I have observed in my life so far, which is not a very long period of time though, I have just understood one thing. GOD is something we believe in. Something which we put our faith in, a faith so intense and so blind which we were born with. The kind of faith we used to put in our parents/guardians when we were infants, babies or kids. God is something we believe in. God is something which will keep our hopes intact to overcome obstacles in our life and move ahead step by step as an individual. It can be anything. If an atheists claims that science has all the answers then yes he believes in science then the science becomes that individual’s god. If you don’t find faith outside yourself and you 100% believe in your own capabilities to overcome your own difficulties, then YES, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD. A life without faith is not possible. Lack or absence of faith leads to untimely deaths in forms of suicides. 


The bottom line: God is not an absolute entity. God exists, but it’s different for each and every person we see around us. For some it’s an idle/superior power/superior person/ superior entity. For some it’s Scientific principles. For some it’s aliens. For some it’s nobody but themselves. The person/principle/thought you devote to and put your faith in is your individual god. God is something which gives you solace in the most agitated phase of your mind/life.

 Now the question arises, do we really need a god?

Well, if you have read what I have written in previous paragraphs, I am your you’d have found your answer. If not, I would take another approach to explain. 

 As I said earlier, our existence till this point of time is completely founded on the base of faith we put in things, thoughts and people which are not in our control and can’t be. When we were kids and we didn’t know a thing about astronomy or sun or moon or anything else, we still used to sleep in the night with a strong faith that sun is going to rise in a few hours and a warm and bright day is going to come along. When a baby is tossed into air by its father, the baby actually laughs and enjoys that moment on the pure base of faith that the person who has tossed me is definitely going to catch me before I hit the ground and get hurt. When we were at that stage of time, we had put our faith in our parents/guardians and they were our gods. You didn’t have to worry about your food, your fears, your wet or shitty diaper. The foundation lays in the biggest and heaviest “F” word. “FAITH”. Our god changes time to time. Parents/Mythical Figures/Imaginery Energies/Superior Beings/Science/Individuals/Mentors/Gurus/Principles/Preachings/Aliens/Ourselves the list is endless. But yes, they all are gods. The god is any entity which makes you feel strengthened, confident keeps the flame of hope burning in the shittiest situation of your life, makes you stand up and fight against that shitty situation and makes you win.

 I am not taking any stand against any religion or atheism or agnostics. What I have written is my individual thinking and that’s something I strongly believe in. The one who reads this may or may not agree with me and I am not even here to prove anything to anyone. I don’t believe in heaven and hell. I don’t believe in absolute god. I just believe that god exists, in our heart and in our mind. God is something we believe in, be it anything which makes you feel good about it. That’s it. 

 I would definitely love to read your comments. If you all have shown enough patience to read it, kindly spare some more moments to give your feedback on whatever I have written. If you like it, Share it with others.

 Thank You.

 By Chintan Joshi

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