Soul and Roots


Who am I?

I’m a simple individual with a curious mind seeking answers about human life and the mysterious universe
I’ve collected various information and tried to share the things I enjoy learning with everyone.So if you go through the links you may find something of interest there.History fascinates me…however sadly none of us knows the actual history of our planet and society except the one we read in our school/college which is highly manipulated by historians working under law of land.So my mind always seeks the answers beyond what is given to us.
I want love to rule this planet,its a heartache to see so much miseries and sufferings all around and I wish I could replace it with love,and heal the wounds and sorrows.

Did God create us like this or did we forget our purpose of Life?
We are all turning materialistic that we have forgotten our Spiritual self.How many times we ignore our inner voice which constantly keep beeping/alerting us whenever we set out to do something? isnt that our Soul/Conscience speaking to us?

I’m Spiritual but not Religious – it means though there is belief in God….there is no believe in the man made rituals.[ Connecting to God by spiritually,meditating,trying to do good rather than bajaaoing ghanti in a temple ]

Spirituality for me is more a study of Soul,Spirit,Life,sub concious mind and seeking connection to God through meditation,understanding God as super conciousness…rather than having an image of God as shiva ,krishna etc and limiting ourselves into earthly rituals.

  • its not about religion but about being religious…..spirituality is possible without being religious (which basically means the nitty gritty of religious rituals which I dont believe in)Religions and Rituals are many and man made,however spirituality is not man made and connects human beings no matter what religion they belong to !A person can be spiritual without being religious,but a person cannot be religious without being
    Religion and religious are interlinked :-
  • a hindu religion follower will be known as a religious hindu guy,who carries out all normal hindu religious rituals and practices expected out of him.
  • a muslim religion follower will be known as a religious muslim guy who carries out all normal muslim religious rituals and practices expected out of him.You’ll find term spiritual but not religious,but you wont find term religious but not spiritual.To be religious you have to be spiritual,but to be spiritual you dont need a religion or be religious!Hey…I’m no holy holy person with all these spiritual talks..I’m mischievous .Naughty and fun loving…However I’m aware and concerned about human life and and fully anxious and fearful about whats in store for me in life Hereafter.I believe in Rebirth and Karma of our previous life’s actions….hence I hope this is my last life on earth and I attain liberation from Birth-cycle…..cos theres lots more to Explore in this universe !I believe everything is temporary in this world hence humbleness should be our main priority !
    – [ Soul And Roots ]P.S : A Word Of Caution – Some Links May Lead To Some Controversial Stuff Which Are Beyond My Control And Unintentional – Whatever It Is !

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