Pop music in India is dying due to Bollywood, feels ‘Josh’ bandmates Rup and Q

New Delhi: Pop music in India has succumbed to the pressure of Bollywood and is on the decline, feels ‘Josh’ bandmates Rup and Q.

The Montreal-based Indian-Pakistani fusion band, which has collaborated with Nelly Furtado in the past, says that the current scenario of the pop music in the country is saddening.

“Pop music which allows an artist to express oneself is dying. It is a sad state,” Q said.

Bollywood has emerged as an umbrella which has taken the entire music industry under its belt. With the inclusion of various genres of music in a film, demands of different choices are well catered to.

“Bollywood albums are a complete package. They provide the listeners with all the genres of music, so the people are also satisfied. Because of this, people are reluctant to purchase albums which are brought out by singers, who are not part of Bollywood.

“Its really shameful that India does not have its own Michael Jackson or Matallica. When people abroad ask us as to who is our famous pop star, we do not have a name,” said Rup.

The duo, who are in Delhi to promote their new album ‘Beyond Kismat’, feel that the album-makers are yet to get their share of fame in India.

“We as artists are interested to know what others like us are doing…what music they are creating and what is the response. But we never get to know anything because they have stopped making albums,” added Q.

But the band, who is set to make its foray into Bollywood, is glad that the Hindi music industry has matured and is ready to provide a platform to pop artists.

“There is scope for accommodation in Bollywood. The filmmakers can now fit our songs in their movies without worrying about the situations,” said Rup.
Source : (Agencies)|Jagran

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