How many people have survived real life accidents?

ND :
Once I was travelling in the Best bus comming from vashi. The bus was at full speed. Theres a huge sea link connecting to vashi,on it was a truck standing which had a huge container. Our bus came and hit the container truck at full speed,and all glass etc broken. Driver got badly injured. The bus became half the size on the impact. Everyone was thrown forward banging their head,teeth on the front seat metal handle. I too banged my forhead heavily on that handle,and i was seating just 2 seat behind the driver. I saw a women bleeding from her mouth,before my own eyesight began to fade out. Instead of people around me i was seeing blinking stars just like ur TV screen becomes when suddenly cable goes off. I was concious but couldnt see anything. I started screaming ‘mujhe kuch dikhai kyu nahi de raha hai?”am I blind”have I become blind’. My head was paining awefully. Someone took me down the bus,even on the road i didnt see anything. After about 45min or so my eyesight returned . It was quite an experience

ND :
I have a UK ka frend who had come to India for vacation and was staying at his mamaji’s house in punjab. The family planned a pilgrimage to vaishno devi. The boy had some urgent work so skipped it at last moment. The rest family (mamaji,mami,cousins,total 7 people)went ahead with the pilgrimage. On their way back their jeep met with an accident and no one survived. Whole family died. The boy when got the news had to arrange everything for their funeral etc it was vacation which became nitemare. Just imagine u come to live with a family for few days and the entire family dies suddenly with a crash

Vinod S :
i faced similar situation in childhood when i was running across the ground when suddenly i collapsed .Later on realized that some senior people were practising shot put event for annual sports and i was hit by a shotput……..! blank ho gaya thaan ! baad mein beech mein hosh aaya toh dekha sab friends mujhe uttakar bhaag rahe thein – they were tensed….! baad mein treatment kiya aur main theekh ho gaya ! and guess what my Daddy was sports teacher in that same school

Vinod S :
I was very small when riots ! and luckily i was staying in Hindu dominated area . still i remember our bus was routed in different gullies inorder to make us reach home and all areas were deserted !

Kishan B :
My car got hit by an incoming truck on a national highway. It swirled in the opposite direction that we were travelling to, threw us of the elevated highway on to some thick bushes where our car got stuck. In a way, this saved us.

Mandar K :
I was traveling in an auto with my parents in Thane 5 years ago when a dog came chasing another dog in the middle of the road at full speed, the auto driver swerved to miss him at full speed and the rickshaw just did a cartwheel. We fell sideways with me at the bottom my mother above me and my father on my mother and the rickshaw on top of us. Thankfully we escaped with minor injuries

Raj M :
Once around 1 or 2 yrs back …. I am my frnd were coming home at night after boozing … I was kinda sober and so was driving the bike … We were going at around 100-110 … Our bike hit a bumper (road was kinda dark too) and my frnd who was sitting behind me was so high in the air that his knees was at the level of my head … šŸ˜® … however when the bike landed he perfectly landed on the bike like he was sitting and somehow I held balance …. It was a close shave with death …. Don’t know what wud have happened if I hadn’t been able to hold it … ever since then I am careful …

Geetakrishna R ā€Ž:
2006 summer – I was traveling in a bus from my hometown to Hyderabad. A scorpio was over taking the bus with a speed around 8-90 kmph , too bad there was a truck coming from the opposite end with lights very dim – the driver didn’t observe that and with that speed he collided with the truck! 6 people died on the spot!

Yadavji L :
i have seen one bus flying, i had to pass as i was in high speed and other cars behind me were also at high speed, it was six lane road, bus flied from 1st lane (slowest lane) to 6th lane (last lane), when i passed that accident site (@140kmph) i saw one school bus also standing with hazard lights on, but never experienced such worst thing myself

Yadavji L :
once i just escaped from being target šŸ˜› before mumbai riots, i was sitting with my friends in muslim area, few muslim friends too, after some time one of my muslim friend came and told us to khiskofy as something wrong going to happen. we moved to our area nearby and riots started in muslim area…
I live opposite to pakistan in mumbai,railway tracks divide our area, i witnessed riots… in that pakistani area (malad east)there is no kabristan, it is in malad west, we used to smoke cigg near phatak, once i saw 10 se jyada muslim janaaje ko kabristan leke jaa rahe the east to west

Pradeep N :
My cousin’s dad witnessed mumbai riots..he saw a dead body..a group of men even came and asked him whether he was a hindu or a muslim..luckily he had something as a proof.

Zaffar A
Mere peeche kutta pad gaya tha ek baar

ND :
I faced similar situation with dogs too.Actually 4-5 dogs were chasing a gal from my previous society. The gal (college gal) came running aur uske piche char paach stray dogs barking. I was comming from opposite direction and that kamini gal screamed didi and hid behind me. Suddenly I was facing those mad barking dogs,while the gal was moving behind me..scared. I was scared too and told her angrily stop moving and calm down. Mai ek statue ki tarha khadi ho gayi cos any movement i made and those dogs would jump on me. Aur woh idiot gal kept moving,hiding behind me. I told her be still,be still aur mere toh dar ke mare hawa nikal gayi. After a while i think the dogs took pity on me and slowly moved away. I felt like killing tat idiot gal,uske wajah se mai buri tarha fas gayi thi. No wonder i hate dogs.

In one incident a mad dog bit a gal,i dont know whats the medical term ,but the gal started behaving madly n barking like a dog and ultimately died.

( If you have a similar incident to share do post – No limits to words so write in full details – and we will include it here )

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