How to become the ‘real’ Anna Hazare

Anna breaks fast after 288 hours!

Anna Hazare ended his 12-day fast Sunday morning before tens of thousands of cheering supporters at Ramlila Maidan by sipping a glass of coconut water with honey offered to him by two girls.

Just wearing Gandhi caps with ‘Mein Bhi Anna (I am Anna)’ will not make you Anna Hazare.

This was the message by the Gandhian to his thousands of supporters at Ramlila Maidan as he prescribed a five-point agenda for them to emulate.

“I am seeing people wearing Gandhi caps with ‘Mein bhi Anna’. Just wearing those caps will not make you Anna. If you want to become Anna, you have to keep certain things in mind,” he said.

Here are those things:

* There should be no difference in what you say and what you do
* You should possess clean and honest thoughts, have a clean conduct, clean character
* You should have a feeling for sacrifice
* You should have the strength to take humiliation
* You should pledge not to give or take bribes henceforth.

Source : News Media

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