A Love Story by Richa Ritwika

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the story let me tell you that it is a work of fiction.

Parul, a 25-year old workaholic who is working in a software firm. Parul’s came to office at 9 or 10 in the morning and left at 11 or 12 at night. Even on weekends she would come down to office. She had no social life, no friends. The only people she use to be with were her project mates. But there was no assurance that she would be having her lunch or tea with them. Basically she was all a loner. There was no love life in her life and she had no time for love. All her time was devoted to work

Rahul, use to be a workaholic like Parul 2 years back. But now things had changed. He was no more workaholic but still he use to stay in office. Office had become home for him.

One night while Parul was all alone and working at the office a mail popped up in her mailbox. The name of the sender was Rahul Mehra. She had not met him, never heard about him. Just out of curiosity she checked his mail. The content of the mail was

Hi Parul,

I see you every night sitting in the office till very late.

Don’t you have friends? Don’t you feel like talking to your roommate?

You should not sit very late in the office. this is a genuine advice from me.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Mehra

After reading the mail, Parul was very angry on the sender. She simply deleted the mail and said to herself “who is he to give me any advice?” She again got back to her work.

After that night, every night Rahul would keep sending her mails and Parul would simply delete them without even reading the content of the mail. But one fine night the subject line attracted her and she had to open the mail. The subject line of the mail was “Hi Gorgeous”

Hi Gorgeous,

Yes today you are looking very gorgeous in this red saree.

I know you don’t read my mails as you don’t like the advices I give you.

So today I wont give you any advice, I will just say that I am love with you.

You know you are very beautiful and if you take care of yourself many men will fall in love with you.

I am sure someday you will also fall in love with me. And then we will go out for a date.

Oh before I end the mail I must tell you that the best thing about is that smile. Or is it those intense which needs some sleep at the moment.

Take care dear.

Love you.
Rahul Mehra.

After reading the mail she was shocked. A person she had never met, never seen, never spoke to was saying that he was in love with her. She started thinking was this always in his mind. How did he get her id? Where had he seen her? Many questions like this came in her mind. Finally she thought of giving a warning and replied to his mail.

Hi Rahul,

I don’t want to spoil your career but if you don’t stop sending me mails I will raise an ASHI against you.

I hope you know what ASHI is. If not let me tell you it’s an Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy.

The way you have written the mail comes under this policy.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me so you don’t have the right to write such a mail to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

After this mail, the mails from Rahul stopped coming in Parul’s inbox. She thought that finally Rahul has got scared and wont be mailing her again. After several nights, Parul was resting on her chair and her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes she saw Rahul’s mail in her mailbox.

Hi Gorgeous,

With your closed eyes you were dreaming about me, right?

Oh sorry for not sending any mails in the last few days.

I was a little busy. I am sure you would have missed me a lot.

One more thing before I forget I want to say that I am not scared of ASHI.

An ASHI cant be a reason to stop loving you.

Love you.
Rahul Mehra

Parul was twisting her hair and putting them behind her ears. At that moment itself another mail came from Rahul,

Now stop playing with your hair and leave the office. It is very late.

Love you.
Rahul Mehra

Parul was shocked as to how did this person know what she was doing on her desk. She got up to check whether anyone was there in her floor but could find only empty cubicles. She thought maybe he made a wild guess and decided to leave the office. before leaving she saw another mail from Rahul.

Hi Parul,

Searching for me??? You have started falling in love with me. 🙂

Love you.
Rahul Mehra

Parul was shocked and scared to hell. She simply switched off her machine and ran outside the office. in the next few days she would not open any mails sent by Rahul. One night a mail with subject line “Don’t be scared of me” came to her mailbox. First she thought to ignore the mail then she thought lets see what has Rahul written this time.

Hi Parul,

Don’t be scared of me.

I can say that you are scared of me because of the way you ran out from the office the last time you read my mail.

I know few minutes back you had gone to have coffee. You are thinking how I know this because I can feel you around me.

Only once you also start feeling me you will know that I am near to you. Very near. Just sitting next to you.

I will wait for the night when you start having the same feelings for me.

Will always love you.

Rahul Mehra

Now Parul started thinking was Rahul really in love with her? What he was saying was it true? But how could he know so much about her? How could he say what she was doing and what not? Parul thought lets give a try and see whether Rahul is always in love with her or not. From that night she also started replying to his mail.

Hi Parul,

Do you feel bad if I call you gorgeous?

Love you.
Rahul Mehra

Parul’s reply:

Yes Rahul. I don’t like this word.

You can address me as Parul, isn’t it short and simple. and I love my name a lot.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s reply:

Point noted Parul. But when I am happy, excited I would call you with some special name at that time.

Tomorrow you have your certification so all the best for that.

Love you.

Parul was again shocked as to how does he know about her certification. She had never told him. She replied


Who is the person who is giving you details about me? I had not told you about my certification how do you know it?

Thanks and regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul replied back to her

I know it because I in front of you. Cant you see me? Cant you feel me close to you?

I also know that after 3 days you have your appraisal. Now this you have not told anyone. Just your PM knows about it.

Do you think your PM will give me all these details?

Love you.
Rahul Mehra

Parul not sure of the answer. She knew her PM would not have told Rahul all this but how did Rahul know so much about her was a mystery for her. Finally she thought she will talk to her PM, Rohan.

Next day, she went to her PM’s desk.

Parul: “Hi Rohan. I wanted to ask you something”.

Rohan: “Sure Parul. Are you having any issues?”

Parul: “No. actually I wanted to know about a person named Rahul Mehra.”

Rohan was shocked on hearing that name.

Rohan: “How did you come across this name. Has anyone told you about him?”

Parul: “No one has said anything to me about him. Few days back he started sending me e-mails. First I ignored but then he would give such details which I did just few minutes back. He even knows my appraisal date.”

Rohan: “Are you sure you got mails from Rahul Mehra only?”

Parul: “Yes very much. But why do you looked shock?”

Rohan: “Because Rahul Mehra died 2 years back. He use to sit at the same place where you are sitting. How can a dead person send mails to you.”

Parul: “Now don’t try to scare me that a ghost is sending a mail.”

Rohan: “I am not saying that a ghost is sending you a mail, maybe there could be someone named Rahul Mehra. I am just saying that in our project there use to be a guy named Rahul Mehra who is dead now. BTW you can try finding his name in the telephone directory. Maybe someone told you about him and because of work stress you started imagining that he is sending you mails.”

Parul: “I am not imagining anything. He has really send me a mail. I can show you in my mailbox.”

Rohan: “Okay Parul I believe you but still I think you should take a break and go home.”

Parul did a search on telephone directory for a name with Rahul Mehra and page returned no records. She again checked the mail id and employee number details. She did a search many times that day by putting various combinations but the search page displayed the same message “No matches found for the given search criteria”. She could not believe that someone could hack the system and send mails to her from a non-existing id. She attached the mails sent by Rahul and sent it to Rohan as a proof that she was not dreaming.

On seeing the attached mails even Rohan was in shock. He came to Parul’s desk.

Rohan: “I think by mistake his id has not been deleted and someone who knows about it is playing with it.”

Parul: “But I checked the details on telephone directory there are no records available for this id.”

Rohan: “Talk to the CCD people and see what they have to say.”

She called up the CCD people. They took control over her system and looked at the mail sent by Rahul Mehra. The mail was sent from the same computer which Parul was using. The time stamp at which the mails were sent Parul had logged in. Also there was no evidence that a remote desktop connection was made or mail was sent through web mail. Even the CCD people were clueless as to how a mail has been sent from a non-existing id and from Parul’s system itself. There were no viruses or torjans or any other kind of threats on Parul’s system. Her anti-virus was upto date. The whole day was gone in finding a loophole as to how did Parul get such a mail in her mailbox. Parul was tierd from the day’s happening and so she decided to leave early from the office that day.

The next day when Parul came back, she saw a mail from Rahul Mehra. She didn’t know whether she should delete that mail or read that mail. She was scared to open the mail. Somehow she gained some courage and opened the mail. The context of the mail was:

Hi Parul,

Good to see that you left the office early tonight. I know Rohan told you about my death.

I was also a workaholic like you. I would sit late in the office, even when no one was around me.

I just being at office. I had no friends, no social life. Even on weekends I would use to come to office.

I missed all the fun in my life. Even my death happened at office while I was working.

My dead body was found by the house keeping guy and the security guard at the reception.

I took a lot of work stress which my conscious mind could not bear that day. I ignored all the health problems I was having.

And finally on that night (20. 10. 07, 11:24 PM) all these reasons became responsible for my death.

Now you know why I am not scared of ASHI.

But yes if I was alive then also I wont be scared of ASHI because I have really fallen in love with you but we cant be together until your death.

Now the choice is yours whether you will kill yourself on your own or whether I need to do the honors.

Waiting for your death. Love you always.

Rahul Mehra

Parul was not ready to believe that a ghost was sending her mails. She replied back to his mail

So Rahul do you think I am some foolish girl who will believe in your story.

Maybe you are smart but I am also stupid to believe that a ghost is sending me mails.

Your story is nice but I am not ready to believe this non-sense.

You want to kill me then go ahead and kill me.

I know you are someone who can hack system very smartly.

I will make sure to try finding you.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Just after this mail her extn started ringing. She picked up the phone and at the other end the voice said.

“Hello Parul, this is Rahul Mehra who has been sending you the mails. So you think I am not dead. So can real person make your PC blink?”

Parul’s PC started blinking.

“Rahul these all are childish tricks. Now the light above me will be start flickering. Don’t bother me and find some other dumb girl.

Suddenly Parul felt something crawling over her feet. It was an earth worm moving on her feet. Then the floor tile below her started cracking and she felt like someone was pulling her leg; pulling her down; pulling her inside the tiles. She also felt that her hands are tied.

Rahul at the other end said: “So Parul could a real person do all this. Or could spiders start moving your body? So you wish to die and I will fulfill your wish. I love you and I will fulfill all your wishes.”

Parul didn’t believe in ghosts but what was happening with her was not normal. The spiders moving on her face and when she was trying to move her hands to remove them she was not able to move her hand. Someone was tickling her on her stomach but she could not see anyone. Finally Parul had to believe that Rahul was a ghost.

Parul started screaming: “Please stop it. I don’t want to die. Please this is a request.”

People around Parul could not understand why she was shouting; they thought maybe she heard something bad on phone. Things became normal but at the other end Rahul said: “Parul you will have to die whether you wish it or not. You have time till your death so enjoy your life till then.”


Parul always thought there are 2 kind of lovers – one who will give life for love and the other who can take the life of others who try to come in between them, the lovers. But then she met a third kind who would take the life of the lover itself for love. Parul wanted someone to love her, but she never thought that she would be loved by a ghost. A ghost of a software engineer, Rahul Mehra.

After reading Rahul’s mail of ‘do the honors’ Parul and whatever happened with her few minutes back she fainted in her cubicle. Her cubicle mate Shaurya tried waking her up. The other cubicle mates of Parul, Swapnil and Rosesh, also came near her. At the same time Rohan got up at his desk and he saw a crowd near Parul’s desk and came running towards her cubicle. In the meantime Rohan had called for an ambulance for Parul. Parul was rushed into the hospital, Rohan also went along with her. On the way to the hospital Parul was back into her senses and told everything about the mail where Rahul has written that Parul must die so that they can be together. Rohan tired calming down Parul and asked her to take the rest of the day off. He said that he will change her place and also ask CCD to keep that haunted machine in the store room.

At the hospital Parul was given medicines which gave relaxation to her brains. From there Rohan dropped her at her home and came back to office. Parul was too scared to go to the office again. She kept thinking what if Rahul really meant what he wrote on his mail. She had no idea whether Rahul was with her now also at her place. After all ghosts can reach anywhere at anytime. Parul didn’t know where to go and ask for help. Parul didn’t want to die so soon and wanted to live. She wanted to have a real love life with a real person.

Next 2 days also Parul didn’t go to office because she was scared of what will happen at the office. On the third day she thought running away from the problem wont be of any help to her. She has to go to the office and face this ghost who has fallen in love with her. She opened her mail from her new place and as usual there were mails from Rahul. She deleted those mails but the mails were back again on her system with the same timestamp in her mailbox. She ignored Rahul’s mail and opened some other mail but Rahul’s mail opened automatically. She thought maybe reading these mails somewhere she can find a solution for her problem.

Hi Parul,

I saw the way Rohan took care of you and took you to the hospital.

He is a nice human being but I don’t like him so stay away from him.

Also don’t think that plugging off the machine will stop me from approaching you.
And yes I give you 15 days time to decide as to how you wish to die and after 15 days I will myself take away your life.

Waiting for your death. Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

One thing Parul had noticed that Rahul usually mailed her after 10:00 PM. So she thought that she would leave office early, as early as possible. She had thought that she is not going to stay late. From that day she would rush out of the office by max 7 PM. But that day was different. Parul was trying to finish her work and was planning to leave by 7 PM but somehow she was feeling that her system has gone too slow and she is not able to work. She was feeling that someone has tied her to the chair and even if she wants to leave she is not able to move from her place. It was getting late, people had started leaving the office. Her cubicle got empty. Suddenly the light over head stopped glowing. Parul thought that she would send an update mail saying that she will finish the task tomorrow but somehow the new message option was not working on her system.

She picked up her extension to call up CCD to help her in sending the mail but there was no dial tone on the phone. Even the VOIP in her cubicle was not working. She tried getting up but she was unable to do so. All the lights of the floor were off by now. She knew no one was there on the floor. Her heart had started beating faster and then a mail from Rahul came. Even without clicking on his mail the mail opened in front of her.

Hi Gorgeous,

I know you don’t like this name but today I am happy.

I am happy to see you at this time in the office. From the last few days you were running away from me.

But I know the ways to stop you.

I don’t want any disturbance while I am with you so your extn, VOIP or mobile is not working.

I want to keep starring at your face which is looking more beautiful with the lights coming from your machine.

Has anyone told you that your eyes can even kill a dead person again?

Your hands look so beautiful when you type with them. I feel so happy when you touch the screen, I feel like you are feeling me.

Oh Parul you don’t know how special I feel when you are with me. I just cant explain it in words.

Do you want to see me? Its there in one of the attached mails which was sent to you also with the subject line “Remembering Rahul Mehra”

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

She looked at the pic and she thought he was handsome when he was alive. Parul felt that if Rahul was alive then maybe she would have fallen in love with him. But he was not alive, he was a ghost and she had so many dreams to fulfill. She thought even if Rahul was alive and she was in love with him then also she wont have let his love come in between her aspirations. Suddenly she felt that she was released and she could get up from her cubicle. She just got up and started running towards the lift. The lift was not working so took the stairs and started hurrying down to the ground floor. She punched her card but the exit door didn’t open. She looked at the reception but no one was sitting there. She could not think of a way of going out from the office. She didn’t wish to go back to her cubicle.

Smoke started coming from below the door and Parul started feeling suffocated. She could not breath, she felt as if something blocked her respiratory track and fresh air could not pass down to her lungs. She thought this was it her end has come and she will also die in this office like Rahul. She started crying and tears started flowing out of her eyes. She thought of breaking the glass and come out of the building but she didn’t have that much strength. After sometime the smoke stopped and she was able to breathe finally. She punched her card again but still the door didn’t open. Finally she was tired and she went up to her cubicle but she didn’t know why. As soon as she sat on the chair the cable of her extn wrapped around her neck and she felt someone was trying to strangle her. After sometime the wire loosened up and again her body felt normal but she was not sure whether everything was over or Rahul’s ghost would do something more to her. There on her screen Rahul’s mail was flashing.

Hi Parul,

I hope by now you would have known my strength so don’t ever think of leaving early from the office.

I wont take your life till the day I have given you a choice to kill yourself.

You know when did I die, the day when it was my birthday. The pic which you saw was taken on my birthday.

Your birthday is also coming and so that is the day I have selected for your death.

If you wish to die before that, you can very well do that. And yes don’t even think of not coming to the office because I am a ghost and I can be at your place also if I want.

I can be anywhere I want.

Waiting for your death. Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

After all this Parul knew now nothing could save her from dying. She could not tell this to anyone because she thought who was going to believe her story. At that moment the only person she could think of was Rohan. She thought of calling up Rohan and took out her mobile but there was no signal in her mobile. She started thinking of her parents, her friends for whom her existence mattered. She thought how sad her parents will be after they come to know that she is no more. Also she is the only child of her parents. She has her responsibilities towards her parents and she would be dying in someday leaving them alone behind her. While she was thinking all this a mail flashed.

Parul you can leave the office now. I will see you tomorrow night.

Go have some sleep. You need to take rest before you have another hectic day tomorrow.

Love you always.

Rahul Mehra

Parul reached home and laid down on her bed but she was not feeling sleepy. The office incident was still fresh on her mind. She tried sleeping but there was no use because every time she closed her eyes she started thinking how she was suffocated and strangled to death by a ghost. Don’t know when she went to sleep. The next day when she got up already half the day had passed and she thought of missing the office but then she remembered Rahul’s warning. Without giving a second thought she got up from the bed quickly and got ready for the day or maybe another dangerous night.

She reached office and thought of talking to Rohan. Asking him more about Rahul Mehra, the ghost who had started creating havoc in her life. She rushed into Rohan’s cubicle and asked him for a coffee if he was not that busy. Rohan studied Parul’s face and he knew that there was something which was bothering Parul. Rohan agreed on going for a coffee with Parul.

Rohan: “Now tell me what is it that is bothering you.”

Parul: “Rahul Mehra, the ghost. Yesterday he almost tried to kill me. I want to know everything about Rahul.”

Rohan: “Well I don’t know how that will help you but sure I can tell you about Rahul though personally I don’t know much about him.”

Parul: “That is fine. Just tell me whatever you know about him.”

Rohan: “Rahul had joined as a s/w engg. Some 3 and half years back. He was very dedicated to work. He was the only resource in this project and he very quickly grasped everything about the project. He had a very sharp brain and even though he was a s/w engg. there were no defects in his code. Also his deliveries were on time. Work wise you are just a replica of him. Earlier I would ask him to leave the office early but then I could not push anyone out. As a person I didn’t interact much with Rahul. He would never come for any office parties. Also he was not interested in being a part of some fun events. His life was all about work. And this work one day took away his life.”

Parul: “He didn’t have any friends over here?”

Rohan: “I have no idea as I said I didn’t know much about his personal life. Only one thing I know about his personal life is that he had only a mother. His father had died long back and he had no siblings. I still remember the face of Rahul’s mom when she had come to collect his dead body. I feel sorry for the old lady that she lost her son. Well that is all I know about Rahul.”

Parul: “Who was assigned the project after Rahul died?”

Rohan: “The person who was assigned the project after Rahul’s death has left the company.”

Parul: “Any idea why he left the company? Was he also a workaholic like Rahul or me? Did he ever mention anything like he was being bothered by a ghost?”

Rohan: “He was not a workaholic like you or Rahul though he completed the work assigned to him but he never gave extra time to complete his work. His approach to the work was more systematic and he would avoid calling up onsite. When he was in project all tasks were assigned through mail and the updates were also sent through mail. Only when there was some major issue he would give a call to onsite. I liked his style of work. And he left because of personal reason. He was getting married and his wife was not ready to move to this place. After he left, you joined the project. Anything more you want to know which you think can be of any help to you.”

Parul: “It is ok Rohan. Now I have made my mind that I will die soon. Hope the next person who joins the project is not a workaholic like me or Rahul. Lets go back to work.”


The night had begun and the floor had started getting empty. Parul didn’t know what was in store for her this time. She thought of dropping a mail to Rahul; maybe if she could know the reason why he was still trapped in this world she could save herself. She could be alive.

Hi Rahul,

What is it that you are still trapped in this world?

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s reply

I love this place. This is the place where I use to spent most of my time after joining the office.

This computer is my best friend as it never asks me questions.

The keyboard never cries in the whole day even if it is hurt because of the way I press the keys.

Also after office hours I could do anything. No one to disturb me for doing anything.

On google I could learn something new about the technology and implement it in my code.

It gave me immense pleasure for trying something new, something different. This place gave me peace.

Doesn’t it give you also peace?

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul’s Reply

You never wanted to have fun in real life? Enjoy with real people?

A real person who could be your mom who cared for you.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s Reply

There is nothing real. There are no real people. Everyone is mean and greedy.

Everyone wants just one thing to be on the top.

They really don’t care about other people. They just wear a mask and behind this mask there is a very ugly face.

No one will come to help when one is in trouble.

If one is not smart these people can easily take the credit of his/her work on themselves.

My mom also wanted one thing from the beginning that I give my best in whatever I do.

The only thing that made her happy was that I was doing well where ever I was.

And you expect that with these people I could have fun?

Rahul Mehra

Parul’s Reply

My parents are not greedy. I have friends who are not greedy.

Even for your mom your life mattered more than your achievement.

Maybe she had expectations from you like every parent has from their kid. But she never wanted that you die because of her expectations.

We need to learn how to have a balance in life. This place gives us an opportunity to have some fun in office.

Whenever Rohan approached me for some fun activity I said a NO but now I regret it. I should have done some of the things.

I always thought I had a lot of time and I could try these things later. Never realized that death is not in my hands.

After you have come in my life I have realized the importance of people in my life. Realized the importance of my life as a whole.

I know my emotions are not going to change what you have decided. You will still kill me.

So what do you plan to do after I die?

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul was angry with Parul’s reply. Parul’s monitor had started blinking in anger. Parul was pushed back along with her chair with a great speed. Her back was hit badly by the back rest of the chair. She felt like someone had held her hands tightly to the arms of the chair. The pain which she was having was unbearable. She gave a loud shout in pain. Then with her chair she was dragged close to her monitor. Rahul’s mail popped up on her machine.

I have been seeing that you are getting close to Rohan these day.
If you don’t stop talking about him your death will happen today itself.

Now suddenly you feel that you want to have fun with real people. Spend time with real people.

You are also selfish and greedy like others.

You are working late nights because of your personal reasons.

But don’t worry after your death you will not get a chance to be selfish.

You will also be trapped like me in this place forever.

Waiting for your death.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul’s reply

You miss your mom a lot isn’t it. Even I love my parents a lot.

I am not selfish. Its just that the work culture is like that.

I come to office by 9 or 10 and from 11 there is a call from onsite.

Sometimes this call extends into the lunch hour and I have to miss my lunch.

The work is mostly assigned after lunch time so I start working in the second half.

My mind responds slowly because the freshness of morning is not there.

The same task which I could do in 3 hours in the morning takes me 4-5 hours in the evening.

Late in the evening again I have to call by 8 or 9 and give an update on the work.

By then some more task is assigned to my queue.

I cant leave the work assigned to me like that and so I sit back to finish it.

Thanks and Regards,
Parul Jain

Rahul’s reply

But have you raised a concern over the work culture. No right so it means you are fine with it.

You have no problems in anyway and you are ready to punish your body.

With this kind of stressful life anyways you would have died someday.

So now stop thinking about your death because your parents were anyways going to miss you.

Also those real people with whom you had fun are going to miss you.

I hope this is now clear to you. You can leave now.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

Parul took the lift. She had never thought her job could be a problem to someone and it could become a reason for her death. She thought was she really selfish? What was it that she never tried to change the working culture? Why couldn’t she ask onsite to assign her task through mails and she could give status update through mail. Why she never asked onsite to assign her task by 8:30 AM because that was the offshore time. Why did she waste her time on calls? She thought shouldn’t people at onsite be good enough at writing skills so that everything was clear in mails. By then she realized the lift was not moving. She pressed the button again but the lift didn’t move. She picked up the extn inside the lift but it was not working. She started hitting the lift door in a hope that someone would hear and come to help her come out of it. Finally it started working and she was at the ground floor. Before anything new happened with her she just ran out of the office. Her life was getting scary.

It was 12 AM and suddenly there was thunder and lightning. It started raining. She doesn’t know how come suddenly I started raining. There were no umbrellas in any building. She was drenched in rain. She sat in the cab but she was shivering; she was feeling cold in the wet clothes. She was finally home but she knew this was her last day. She was going to die; her death day had come. She thought that if she didn’t go to office and stayed in a temple; prayed for her life she could survive. So next whole day and night she was in the temple; praying to god for her life. She kept saying sorry for the mistakes she had done in her life. The day was over and the night had come; the time for which she was waiting to know whether she will survive or she will die.

Thankfully the day was over and she was alive. But will this help her the next day also. To find that she had to go to the office. She came to office and switched on her monitor. A mail from Rahul was there.

I wanted to be the first one to wish you and hope my wishes reached you through the thunder and lightning.

Since you have realized the value of your life, I will spare your life. But remember you will have to take care of this life or else you will surely die.

All those people who for who don’t care for their health I give them a chance to improve and if they don’t then I take away their life.

I still love you and I will surely wait for your death.

Love you always.
Rahul Mehra

She mailed Rahul for saving her life but the mail bounced back and this gave an assurance to her that she was alive. Parul was happy and excited yes it was over and she was alive. She was thankful to God for saving her life. She could never imagine that a ghost had fallen in love with her and she was about to die. She pinched herself to make herself believe that she was alive. Her mind was working and she could hear her heartbeat. She could feel her breath. She also invited Rohan and her project team for a party. Everyone thought it was a party for her birthday but only Rohan and she only knew the actual reason.

The reason was having a life; having a life gifted by a ghost to her. She made a promise to herself that she will not sit late nights in the office. Also she made a promise that she wont be coming to office on weekends. The party was great and everyone enjoyed a lot with music, dance and good food. Even Parul danced on the floor and everyone complimented her saying that she is a great dancer. Parul was happy, excited and crazy. Rohan could sense her excitement; maybe he could not understand how it feels escaping death but he was happy that Parul was alive.

After one year, Parul’s lifestyle has changed. Now she doesn’t sit late nights in office. She has got a life where she spends quality time with her friends; she goes out for movies, parties, accompanies her friends for shopping. Infact she has found her love of life and she is going to get engaged with him soon. She is taking 15 days of break from office and going home for her engagement.

BTW Parul is not getting married to Rohan as he is already married and has a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter. Rahul not only made Parul realize the importance of having sometime for her personal life but also made Rohan realize how important it is for him to spend time with his wife and daughter. Rohan always found it difficult to find time for his wife and was always busy with work but after his interactions with Parul he realized that if he plans things properly he can have ample time for both work and family.

Well that is about Rohan now coming to Parul’s love life where she met Swapnil through mails only. It so happened that there was a chain going on and people were discussing about some topic related to ghosts and Parul also replied to the topic and shared her views about the topic. Swapnil liked her views and felt they were interesting. He just replied saying that he liked her views and that’s how their conversation started. After that they discussed various topics and finally Swapnil requested for meeting her in person and having some good time together over a cup of coffee. Parul agreed to this and after a few months he proposed her for marriage.

Just a day before her engagement she went out for shopping and on her way she was talking to Swapnil over her mobile. While crossing the road also Parul was engrossed in talking over the phone that she didn’t realize to look around and see whether any car was coming on the road or not. And this mistake cost her life. That day was her birthday and one careless mistake had taken away her life. Blood flowing out of her body profusely and there was no one to help her. By the time help arrived she was already dead. When Parul’s dead body arrived home, her mom was crying and calling out her name. Her mom was not able to accept the fact that her daughter was dead. Suddenly Parul got up scared on her bed and realized that it was just a dream and she was still alive. She went to her mom and dad; hugged them tight and kept saying I love you both.

Before her engagement she opened her mail and there was a mail from Rahul.

Hi Parul,

Congratulations. So finally you are getting married and I am very happy for you.

Maybe you were right about the reason why I am still trapped in this world.

I worked late nights and didn’t take care of my health thinking that I have to earn a lot so that I can make my mother happy.

But now I know it wont be money which would have made her happy but me being alive today.

I want you to be alive till your parents are here.

It’s a pain for the parents to see their young kid die from some irresponsible acts done by their child.

One more thing you will keep getting dreams where you will get to know how you can avoid death.

I will be there to guide you; save you from unnatural death incidents.

I still love you and yes I don’t wish to be just a ghost in your life but become your angel; an angel who will help in solving your problems.

Was in love; still in love; will always be in love.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Mehra

Rahul made Parul realize not only the importance of her life but also the importance of others associated with her life. He really became her angel and made sure Parul had a beautiful life till she was alive.
Some stories have ghost in it…. The end.

Courtesy : richaritwika.blogspot.com


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