PPL launches ‘Halla Bol’ campaign for music copyright awareness

Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), the apex licencing arm of the Indian Music Industry (IMI) has launched a national campaign ‘Halla Bol’ to create awareness about the music licensing laws in the country.

The campaign is aimed at various entertainment establishments in the Indian metros that play music commercially. Its an attempt to raise awareness in the entertainment and hospitality business community about the music licencing laws in the country and the need for procuring PPL licences for commercial use of music.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign PPL country head Sowmya Chowdhury said, “Despite the widespread popularity of Indian film music, the industry suffers huge losses every year owing to the illegal playing of music at various popular entertainment zones. The most prominent cause of the violation of music laws in India is the lack of awareness amongst people regarding the legal usage of music by acquiring adequate music licences issued by PPL. Music labels have absolute authority over their songs and using them without a proper licence is a punishable offence.”

PPL national sales manager Avinash D’Souza said, “Recognizing the dire need for spreading awareness about the music licencing laws, our ‘Halla Bol’ campaign has been especially launched just prior to the commencement of the festive season to educate both the entertainment and hospitality establishment owners and the masses about the legal usage of music. The campaign is another effort by PPL to safeguard the copyrights of the music labels and we expect to see more entertainment establishments coming forward to acquire music licenses for playing music legally.”

Source : Internet Media

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