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We are delighted to have author Michael Meyer amongst us today at Musikdiv India Online Magazine at our Special ‘Authors Festival’ interview series to tell us about his new book Covert Dreams!
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Is the mysterious disappearance of an American in today’s Saudi Arabia somehow linked to a terrible murder in Munich back in 1984? What is real, and what is not? Who is really who, and why? What is behind the murder, the kidnappings, and the nightmares all leading up to what end? COVERT DREAMS is an international thriller that will keep you on the edge of your chair. It grabs you in the very first sentence and then never lets go. The mounting intensity moves from the beer gardens of Munich to the burning sands of Arabia. Just as you think you have things figured out, wham, another twist! Do you love mysteries? Do you love thrillers? Do you love suspense? If so, then COVERT DREAMS is for you.

So Michael, we’ll start your Interview with the very first question

1.Please introduce and tell the readers something about yourself.

I am a recently retired college professor. I taught for over 40 years at universities in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I spent the last 24 years at a California community college. I live in Southern California wine country with my wife, Kitty, and our two other cats. I have published three novels on Amazon Kindle to date. COVERT DREAMS is an international thriller, THE FAMOUS UNION is a comical look at chaos created by the powers-that-be at a once prestigious college, and THE SURVIVAL OF MARVIN BAINES is a whimsical look at one man’s attempt to cope with middle age.

2.What brought you to writing?

I have always been fascinated with words. For instance, when a cashier at a store wants to swipe my card, I become alarmed. Why would I want someone to swipe my card when I am swiping it? If you are going to come visit me, are you coming or going? The possibilities are endless. My Master’s thesis was on categorizing two-word verbs. There is a huge difference betweensnap to and snap at. Language is all-powerful. I love the magic of words, of creating scenes and dialogue that will get the reader’s rapt attention.

3.How long have you been writing?

I have been writing my whole life. I always excelled in my English classes, and I found myself writing creatively on my own whenever I found the time, which was often.

4.Which was your first literary project? Tell us something about it.

At the age of ten, I wrote a small book about the history of California. My parents, the only two readers of the book, bought it, so I became a paid author at an early age.

5.Is this your new/latest project?

My latest novel is a book entitled COVERT DREAMS, which in an international thriller set in Saudi Arabia and Germany. It has garnered quite good reviews, and my family members say that it is the best book I have written, though I myself like all three of my published books equally.

6. Traditional books or e-books? How do you prefer to see your works published? Have you tried ever publishing the traditional way?

All three of my books have been published by Amazon Kindle. I am 64 years of age, and, recently retired from a 40year career as a college professor, I wanted to get my work into the hands of readers as soon as a I could, so that is why I chose to go the Kindle route.

7.Can you give a chapter sample preview of your book here for our readers to know more about it.

Here are the beginning paragraphs from my international novel of suspense, COVERT DREAMS:

( Please look at the bottom of the interview for book excerpts )

8.What are your hobbies? Things that you enjoy doing besides books of course.

I love to travel internationally. My wife and I do so at least once a year. I have literally lived throughout the world. I developed the travel bug at an early age, and it plays a large role in my life.

9.Who is your favourite author?

Since I am such an avid reader, it is so difficult to select just one. I will say, however, that I love everything John Steinbeck has written, and I am also quite enamored with Richard Russo, especially his STRAIGHT MAN.

10.What is your favourite genre to read and also to write?

One of my novels is a thriller, one is comical fiction, and the third is more contemporary fiction. I have eclectic tastes in both writing and reading. I do read a lot of documented history: the fall of the Tsar, World War II recollections, the early days of the Weimar Republic.

11.Do you have a role model that you get inspiration from?

I have probably been inspired by a wide variety of authors. When I read something that really moves me, I think deeply about it, a learning process in itself.

12.Where do get your ideas from? Do you take your story ideas from real life situations?

I have lived in both Saudi Arabia and Germany, so the exotic locales in COVERT DREAMS ring true to life. I spent 40 years as a college professor, so my eyes and ears brought forth bits and pieces of THE FAMOUS UNION. I lived through middle age, so I can appreciate the coping abilities portrayed in THE SURVIVAL OF MARVIN BAINES.

13. Do you have a pseudonym?

No, everything I write has my name on it, Michael Meyer.

14.What’s your experience been like in the publishing industry?

Positive or negative? Please share your experience with our readers. Publishing on Amazon Kindle has been wonderful. I have enjoyed every second of it.

15.Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself still happily in retirement, reading and writing a lot, and still traveling internationally.

16. What motivates you to write?

My wife gives me tremendous encouragement. She thinks that spending quality time now in my retirement doing something that I have always had a passion for, writing, is wonderful. And so is she.

17. How important is good cover art for your books?

I truly think that cover art should not matter, but, to so many readers, it does, so I have gone out of my way to come up with quality covers. I think that Hemingway and Fitzgerald would be astonished to see how much importance today’s readers give to cover art.

18. Do you have a pricing strategy?

I am retired, so money is not my motivation in writing. I want to write quality books that readers will enjoy, and to keep them reasonably priced.

19. What do you feel if you read a best seller which you think is not as good as yours?

I remind myself that that is the way of life. Accept it. This is not something that I can control.

20.Why do you think readers should buy your book? What can you offer them through your book?

COVERT DREAMS, in my opinion, is a page turner. Readers who like suspense will find it here. THE FAMOUS UNION is for people who like to laugh, even at things that might not, at first, seem to be comical. THE SURVIVAL OF MARVIN BAINES will keep the readers in a quandary: should they, laugh, should they cry, or both?

21.Where is your book available? Any Buy Link for our readers?

My books can be purchased at my Amazon Kindle author’s site:
Link for Covert Dreams >>

22. What advice would you give to other writers?

It’s lonely, and it is not fun. Realize that upfront. Writing is fun. Marketing is not.

23.Anything else you’d like to share with our readers.

If you enjoy my work, please spread the word. That is really the main form of advertising an Indie author such as I utilizes. Also, be sure to post a review on my Amazon, Goodreads, and Librarything sites. Thank you.

  • Thank you Michael Meyer for gracing us with your presence.It was a sheer pleasure.Good luck with your book.We conclude the interview here

    Thanks again from Team MusikDIV

    Book Exerpts – Sample Chapter

    Covert Dreams By Michael Meyer

    It was 1984 and people were doing crazy things to other people in the name of one thing or another, and Dabbie Hodson could see it clearly. She had but seconds to live. And just because she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    She was helpless to do anything about it, but her eyes would be her weapon. They would remain open, probing, pleading, rebelling.
    “I really don’t know that much.” She repeated this over and over, but seemingly on deaf ears, until she realized the terrible choice of words she had used. That much? What was that supposed to mean? How was he to take such a thing?
    She knew something of Munich, of course, and of Berlin, but not that much about what was being planned for Saudi Arabia, but she really only knew bits and pieces, not enough to be killed for. What threat could she pose? The little bits and pieces added up to such a fragmented picture of the thing.
    He stopped. He looked at her, and his face was kind. Her twenty-one-year-old face was truly beautiful. “Shhh,” he said. He gently stroked her hair, her cheek. “It won’t hurt a bit. I give you my word on that.” He even smiled. He had terribly white teeth and boyish long hair.
    She struggled harder, though she knew it was only wasted energy on her part. She was held securely. Duct tape and rope had seen to that. All she could do was resign herself to her fate. There was absolutely no reasoning with this man. She had already tried everything, but she had failed miserably each and every time.
    But she was determined. She would go with her eyes open, despite whatever might come. She would see it all just as it happened. She would look him squarely in the eyes, force him to see that she saw, her only real weapon.
    He went to work. He was meticulous. Dabbie couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing, but she knew very well what the end result would be. If only she had stayed back home. If only she had not come to Europe. If only she had not stumbled into all of this. If only she had not met Gus.
    Gus began to hum to himself as he worked. His hands never stopped. Dabbie tried to tilt her head, to get a better look, but she couldn’t budge. She had to content herself with seeing his profile, with listening to his humming, with knowing that her eyes would be filled with defiance when the time came.

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