Interview with Travis Rogers

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We are delighted to have author Travis Rogers amongst us today at Musikdiv India Online Magazine at our Special ‘Authors Festival’ interview series to tell us about his new book Wading In the Deep End!
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Ever find yourself asking those kind of questions that, unfortunately, most people shy away from? Ever pondered some of the deeper “mysteries” of God only to find a Sunday School answer that just doesn’t quite cut it anymore? Wading In the Deep End seeks to answer many of those tough questions with a Biblical response. Whether it be spiritual gifts, where Jesus went when he died, predestination, or any of the other subjects covered, Wading is sure to leave you with something to chew on.

So Travis, we’ll start your Interview with the very first question

1.Please introduce and tell the readers something about yourself.

My name is Travis Rogers. I’ve been stationed in the U.S. Navy since May 2000, have been married 7 years, and have three wonderful children. I’ve been serving in the position of Protestant Lay Leader onboard the USS Benfold (DDG-65) for the past 4 years which means, in the absence of a Chaplain, I lead worship services for the crew while underway.

2.What brought you to writing?

I love to read but I never had a knack for writing. It wasn’t until I started preparing sermons that I learned how much fun it can be to write something so long as you actually enjoy the subject.

3.How long have you been writing?

I started writing about 3 years ago when I decided to compile all the sermons I had delivered up to that point and turn them into a book format. It began as a personal project and slowly formed into Wading In the Deep End: Difficulties In Scripture & Theology.

4.Which was your first literary project?Tell us something about it.

My first project was the book I just self-published. It was a learning experience for sure. While it sounds as simple as writing something and putting it up for sale, it is amazing how many intricate details are involved in formatting, proofreading, etc. There comes a time where you just have to say, “It’s time!” If not, you’ll never get it finished as you will always find something new you want to add.

5.Is this your new/latest project?

Actually, I have already started my second work. While the first one focused more on different questions people have regarding Christianity, my latest project is going to be focused more on the dangers of false doctrine (and some examples) compared to the importance of sound Biblical doctrine/theology.

6. Traditional books or e-books? How do you prefer to see your works published? Have you tried ever publishing the traditional way?

I went both routes with my current book. I have the Kindle e-book through Amazon but I also have a paperback version through CreateSpace (which is also available on Amazon). Call me old school but I say there is nothing better than holding a copy of your hard work in your hands. As I ripped open my proof copy and held it, I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages feeling a sense of accomplishment. However, e-books are the way of the future. To be honest, they both have their advantages and, for those books I really enjoy the most, I have both a paperback as well as an e-book.

7.Can you give a chapter sample preview of your book here for our readers to know more about it.

( Please look at the bottom of the interview for book excerpts )

8.What are your hobbies?Things that you enjoy doing besides books of course.

I enjoy playing guitar, writing music, and tinkering around under the hood of my car. I just recently finished the 2 year project of tearing down my motor and rebuilding it after it died on me.

9.Who is your favourite author?

John MacArthur would have to be my favorite when it comes to non-fiction. Others would be R.C. Sproul, A.W. Pink, John Murray, & Martin Luther. In the world of fiction, I love a good Dean Koontz book.

10.What is your favourite genre to read and also to write?

Because I believe I have the Spiritual gift of teaching, theology books are naturally my favorite. I love to learn and then relay that knowledge to others. I just can’t seem to get enough. The moment I finish a book, I am already picking up another. I’d say I have at least 3 books on my “next” list at any given time. Perhaps, this is another advantage to e-books.

11.Do you have a role model that you get inspiration from?

My dad is the one person I looked up to more than anyone when it came to the man I wanted to be. Shortly before he died, I remember telling him I had some big shoes to fill. As far as my Christian walk, I would have to say my friend, Paul Cassidy, has helped shape me into the Christian I am today. In fact, my first book was dedicated to him.

12.Where do get your ideas from?Do you take your story ideas from real life situations?

While I did have some personal examples in my book, my main goal was to teach straight from Scripture. I made it a point to minimize my own personal opinion and stories while maximizing the amount of straight-forward truth I could muster.

13. Do you have a pseudonym?

Nope. What you see is what you get.

14.Whats your experience been like in the publishing industry?Postive or negative?Please share your experience with our readers.

It’s been a mixed bag. In the realm of self-publishing, you have to come to terms with the fact that you probably won’t sell too many books outside of your immediate friends and family. While some get lucky, many do not. It has been interesting to see how many friends and associates have been contemplating publishing their works. I had no idea until I released mine and they all came to me with questions about how to do it. I’d say the toughest part is marketing. You just have to stay on top of it, work out a strategy for exposure, and give it your all.

15.Where do you see yourself 10years from now?

I would like to be retired from the military and going to seminary to further my education.

16. What motivates you to write?

I always tell people it is a good thing I didn’t write my book to get rich. My main goal was to get it out there into the world for people to read and learn. I am a teacher at heart. If I can’t teach in person, having someone read my book is the next best thing.

17. How important is good cover art for your books?

I took a lot of time working on my cover art. While I believe the inside to be what matters most, the reality is that the cover art is what draws people in. I wanted a look that would make people take a second glance yet something that was also relevant to the theme of the book.

18. Do you have a price strategy for your books?

I looked around online and saw the price of various books. I decided I would go with that number up front since I would probably sell to my close friends and family regardless what the price was set at. While I did not write to become rich, it never hurts to get a little supplemental income off your hard work. I recently set my book to be available for free download on Christmas Day. This got me more exposure than I thought it would. The very next day, I reduced the price to $2.99. My hope is that the promotion would get my book out there and then the personal recommendations of those readers would spread to others. At that point, I have to hope an enticing price will talk a potential reader into purchasing a copy.

19. Have you read a bestseller that you felt was not as good as yours?

It might just be me but I always seem to read books that are amazing! I only wish I could ever write like some of my favorite authors. Not to say I find my book to be a waste of time or anything. I wrote mine with a specific purpose of teaching theology in a way that anyone can understand it. However, I tend to read fairly advanced theology books that, while most find to be boring, I find to be fascinating. Then again, I don’t think any artist ever feels they will be as good as their inspiration.

20.Why do you think readers should buy your book?What can you offer them through your book?

I believe my book to be very strong when it comes to speaking the truth. It is not watered down. If you have ever asked a questions about Christianity that you feel you did not receive a satisfactory answer, perhaps my book is the one for you.

21.Where is your book available?Any Buy Link for our readers?

My book can be found on Amazon in both a paperback & e-book format.

22.Do you have a website or a blog that you’d like to share here.

Most of my updates are done through the Facebook page;
There is also a Twitter page:!/WadingInTheDeep

23. What advice would you give to other writers?

Keep writing. Never stop. I started working on my second book only 3 weeks after publishing my first. It keeps you in the habit.

24.Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Whether or not you decide to buy my book, I strongly encourage you to stay in your Bible. It’s only by remaining the the Word that one can truly know what it teaches, who Christ is, and how one can spend eternity in Heaven glorifying the Father.

  • Thank you Travis Rogers for gracing us with your presence.It was a sheer pleasure.Good luck with your book.We conclude the interview here

    Thanks again from Team MusikDIV

    Book Exerpts – Sample Chapter

    Wading In the Deep End By Travis Rogers


    Much has changed over the years. The cultural view of women has gone from lower class to upper class, lower quality to higher quality, feminine to feminist, etc. It is a subject that always seems to be changing depending on the times we are in. The same can be said for men. However, there is one constant that we can depend on. We can look to God’s Holy Word for the answers.

    The Bible is not silent when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of men and women. Unfortunately, many Christians choose to skip over those parts in favor of what the world teaches. As Christians, we are called to be in the world but not of it. Instead of conforming our views to the world, we are to conform them to Christ. The only way to do this is by conforming our views to that of Scripture.

    1 Corinthians has a lot to say on the subject of men and women. In fact, it has so much to say on the matter that many in the church today, corrupted by the world, refuse to acknowledge it as truth. They teach that it is sexist and was only for a particular culture. They teach that to follow the same practice today would be to take 10 steps back in the progress we have made regarding women’s rights and equality. The problem is that these people have no idea what Scripture really says. The bigger problem is that they are forsaking the truth in lieu of worldly wisdom and are threatening a design that God created. The simple truth of the matter can be found in 1 Corinthians 11:3.

    1 Corinthians 11:3
    But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.

    Paul apparently knew this was an issue that he had to carefully explain. We can see it in his wording of, “But I want you to understand…” We can see a sense of importance but we also see a sense of sensitivity. It was a touchy subject but it needed to be taught. As with back then, it is a touchy subject even today. Nobody wants to hear that because it sounds sexist. However, further examination shows a much different story. Instead of being sexist, it is actually an honor.

    If we left it at saying man is the head of every woman, it would be incomplete. It goes on to say God is the head of Christ. If the Bible were putting down women, one would have to conclude it is putting down Christ as well. Christ was a wonderful leader but he was also the ultimate role model in submissiveness. He was submissive to the Father unto the point of death! Through his submissiveness, salvation is possible. Here, we see submissiveness being painted in an entirely different light from what the world describes.

    Furthermore, it says Christ is the head of every man. God submits to nobody, man submits to Christ, and woman submits to man. All have a very important purpose in their submission. As we already covered, Christ submitted to the Father for the purpose of salvation and reconciliation. Tonight, we are going to get into the roles of man and woman regarding submissiveness and headship.

    Christ was submissive to the Father yet men are to submit to him. This is because he holds absolute authority.

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