Indian Yuvraj – Can he be our Leader?

Rahul Gandhi ( or is it Raul Vinci ) – Who is he?

  • India’s most gawkiest and awkward politician
  • Hails from India’s foremost political dynasty and has witnessed politics since birth ( refered to as Yuvraj by congressi Sychophants ), but is totally painfully,visibly and ill at ease in politics.
  • He is a man riddled with self-doubt,relying totally on scripted speeches with a manufactured passion to captive audiences
  • He knows that he is faking it,( visible from the certain awkward tentativeness about him ) but allows himself to believe that he is born to rule, and that the country yearns for his leadership.
  • In the circles in which Rahul Gandhi moves, no one honestly challenges the limitations of his worldview or his political perspective.
  • He finds expression in catering to the lowest common denominator of caste i.e the dalits and minority identity politics ie. muslims.He actively pursues the politics of caste and communal identity,yet speaks against divisive politics ( hypocrisy )
  • He says that the Congress is different from parties like the BSP, BJP and the SP saying that “we don’t talk of any one caste or religion.”Yet he invoked the caste identity of Sam Pitroda, the tech guru by saying,”“Twenty years ago, Rajiv Gandhi thought of bringing mobile phones to India. Do you know who brought them? Sam Pitroda, who is a Vishkarma, ‘Barahi’ (carpenter). He brought mobile phones to your houses.” Appallingly pointing to someone’s caste – Read Here
  • He says,“I see myself as going to a human being’s house. I don’t see him as a Dalit, or an upper caste or a lower caste.” And yet,he criticises Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati – a Dalit herself – for not having visited “a single Dalit home” in the past five years.
  • He claims credit on behalf of the UPA government for introducing the Right to Education, but he lobbies on behalf of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to keep madrassas outside the purview of the Right to Education. ( minority appeasing ) – Read Here
  • He takes full advantage of Congress’s old subtle and cynical exploitation of caste and communal identities for political gain – Read Here
  • He has no accountability of any of his actions, and has countless stage-managed photo-opportunities ( eating samosa,visiting dalit homes etc )and other soft-focus features meant primarily to flatter him.
  • Hyped as the future PM,he hasn’t subjected himself yet to a media interrogation as a national-level leader is expected.
  • He acts as “an empty suit” who knows that any unscripted moment that he spent in front of a news camera would make him goof up big time,hence he avoids inprompu press interviews & querries.
  • He represents the perfect example of Congress’s love with the ‘C’ in its name.Corrupt, casteist, communal and cynical.

    Is he fit to be India’s PM?
    1. Is he responsible? Does he take ownership of anything beyond his claim to the big chair?
    2. Is he always visible to his people. Is he is open to dialogue and learning?
    3. Does he have some experience handling something?Has he held any job in his life? Why did he decline Manmohan Singh’s offer of a ministerial berth when it was offered? Was it to evade responsibility?
    4. Why he needs to hide behind the figleaf that he is working for the party, but cannot hold a real job? Why couldn’t he have worked for the party and government, as many ministers do?
    5. Does he ever take hard decisions? Or even socially responsible ones?
    6. Does he ever listen to people who don’t agree with him,other than the usual time-servers and people with their own agendas.Can he break out of his circle of close advisors and take in a diverse range of opinions?
    7. Does he have the capacity for hard work?
    8. Does he demonstrate the will to rule?Till now he hasnt.

    Well Mr.Yuvraj a.k.a Future PM – India wants some answers!

    While he keeps mum Wikileaks does have some ‘interesting’ answers about him – Read Here

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