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We are delighted to have author David Lasaine amongst us today at Musikdiv India Online Magazine at our Special ‘Authors Festival’ interview series to tell us about his new book The Sleepyland Slide!
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A stormy night awakens a young child to call for his daddy. Daddy, who is the storyteller and book reader takes his sons on an imaginary magical journey along the Sleepyland Slide. Along the way they meet Mr. Man in the Moon, Ms. Cow, hear of a Gizeeblegizaable…and that is not all! From the perch they can see Sleepyland. Can you imagine a volcano that spews candy and caramel, a river of hot fudge, a jelly bean road, ice-cream mountains, fish that wear bathing suits…and Twistyneckspringswallows bouncing across the landscape? How about a Fregmellian Frog dancing on a log playing a honky tog…on his Saxophone? The Sleepyland Slide has steps that flash colors as they are touched, doors and windows that lead to other places, and markings of letters and symbols used by all civilizations since the beginning of time. There is no doubt this adventure excites a young child’s’ imagination. Experience the fun of reading to your child(ren) this story full of silly and whimsical action such as when Daddy is being tickled by a Gizeeblegizaable with it’s large purple feet and his children see him laughing out of control. Have your child draw their favorite parts and see what kind of pictures they create. Share this story with them and create a memory that will last a lifetime.


So David, we’ll start your Interview with the very first question

1. Please introduce and tell the readers something about yourself.

My name is David Lasaine. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was a child. In 1992, I became a single father raising two toddlers. I would read every night to the boys from the day they were born until about 7 & 9 years of age. Now, many years later, they are young adults. At this time, I am a Massage Therapist and work at Balance Spa in the Palmer House located in Chicago. (Plug)

2. What brought you to writing?

I think it’s because of my A.D.D. which wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult. You don’t know this, but in my elementary school years I was constantly in trouble because I would scribble little notes and draw pictures while my teacher talked. I think that alone, stopped me for many years of doing anything earlier in my life. My mind was/is always thinking, journalizing, and making up stories for my children…by my son’s request, it was time to put on paper in an organized manner and share with others.

3. How long have you been writing?

Since second grade?…oh, that is a tough one, I would say many years.

4. Which was your first literary project?Tell us something about it.

My first literary project I started and haven’t finished yet is called: Psychotic Stories and Poems by the Depressed. It is going to be a compilation of stories and poems I’ve written during various portions of my life.

5. Is this your new/latest project?

No, my first completed project available at Amazon for the Kindle format is titled: “The Sleepyland Slide”. It a fictional juveniles (age 2 – 5) adventure story about a father that takes his two sons on a magical journey along the Sleepyland Slide. There are all kinds of experiences the boys have and I encourage the parents to read spending time with their children. Part of the fun is having the children draw their own pictures.

6. Traditional books or e-books? How do you prefer to see your works published? Have you tried ever publishing the traditional way?

Well, I LOVE vintage children books. The artwork is so awesome. But, I tend to believe that the traditional book is on its way out. I was in the printing industry for years and saw letterpress be phased out by lithography. Then saw how desktop publishing had eliminated the skilled artistic craftsman. Now, a computer does the work with a mouse and keyboard operator. Of course there is some skill involved, but not like the “old days.” I can’t believe I just said that. I think e-books are the next technological advancement and will grow because the younger population just doesn’t have the “I love the feeling of a book” attitude. It’s all about convenience now. I tried sending off the Sleepyland Slide years ago, but got more rejections then I was able to take.

7. Can you give a chapter sample preview of your book here for our readers to know more about it.

Yes.Here it is
( Please look at the bottom of the interview for book excerpts )

8. What are your hobbies? Things that you enjoy doing besides books of course.

I like taking pictures of things that make people think. Nature, architecture, homeless people, animals are some of my favorite subjects. Additionally, I like to read vintage children stories. I love the pictures. I love the simplicity of the drawings and the Art Deco look.

9. Who is your favorite author?

I would have to say Ray Bradbury. I love his range of topics…plus many of his stories are short and I don’t get bored with them.

10. What is your favorite genre to read and also to write?

Hmmm, I enjoy children stories, and have lots of ideas to write about.

11. Do you have a role model that you get inspiration from?

Zany and fun part of me…the Marx Brothers, 3 Stooges, and my boys. The serious part of me…I would have to say my father.

12. Where do get your ideas from? Do you take your story ideas from real life situations?

My ideas are from both imaginary and real life situations. The imaginary part comes from almost anything…something as simple as a pickle…because children like diversity. You can read the standard riding hood or bears stories so many times before it gets really predicable. The real life situations, well…a large part of my life has been a challenge…not as bad as some, but worse than others. A major force that drives me to write the real life situations is when I am sad or depressed.

13. Do you have a pseudonym?

At first I was going with Tell Me a Story Daddy, and that was 17 years ago. I’ve noticed that since I first used that and now…there are too many others using that. So, my stories may be under my own name or A Blue Pelican.

14. Whats your experience been like in the publishing industry? Positive or negative? Please share your experience with our readers.

Well, as I said earlier…I tried years ago to get my story out. I spent a lot of money on paper, postage, envelopes…time on research…only to get replies such as “great story but doesn’t fit what we’re looking for”. There is the argument you need an agent, but can’t get and agent unless your published and to find an agent that will take you if your not published…it’s a vicious circle. Little did they know, or I, about the future. I think the advancement of technology has opened the doors for many people such as me that have so much to offer. Look what happened to letterpress printing. Guttenberg who?

15. Where do you see yourself 10years from now?

In my mid 60’s. Well….really…I think I will be working with senior citizens as an activities person and writing my stories for children AND seniors. They love a good read also.

16. What motivates you to write?

On singular thing…Time. We don’t live forever. I want to leave behind for my children my thoughts and, stories I used to tell them so someday they can reflect and share with their children.

17. How important is good cover art for your books?

To have cover is important. What I am trying to do with my stories is keep it simple. Did you ever really look at old vintage books? Less is sometimes better. I’m hoping people realize that my books are not meant to be “picture” books.

18. Do you have a price strategy for your books?

I try to keep it simple. I remember that it didn’t cost me a fortune to create it. Just my time. Which has value, but how much value as a new writer? Plus, I look at what others are charging. How can I charge a physical book price when all a customer is doing is downloading it thru a computer system?

19. Have you read a bestseller that you felt was not as good as yours?

I can’t really make a blanket response on that, because everyone has their own opinion. I can say this though….when I was in a bookstore and saw a book about a farting dog, I did feel hurt that I couldn’t get my stories out there that create a bond with parents and child, challenge a child’s imagination, and create keepsakes of the children own personal artwork.

20. Why do you think readers should buy your book? What can you offer them through your book?

As mentioned above. My stories are all going to be about a parent bonding with their child. The child draws pictures of their favorite parts. (I used to read to my boys classes when they were 4, 5, 6 and I still have about 50 drawings by their classmates…that was 15 years ago) I can only open the door for a parent to spend 15 minutes reading to their child and some time watching them create with their little imaginations…the rest is up to them. Today my older son speaks four languages, and my younger son two. That result is partly from the foundation I built spending time with them.

21. Where is your book available? Any Buy Link for our readers?

Right now, the only place someone can buy the book, The Sleepyland Slide is at The link to the page is: and the price is only 2.99….for a LIFETIME of memories. I would love to see it in physical form as a coloring book, and maybe even a play.

22. Do you have a website or a blog that you’d like to share here.

I’m building a website at Not much on it yet though.

23. What advice would you give to other writers?

Write. Write. Write. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Believe me…I failed English every year in high school and had to take it in summer school. Your thoughts are yours and putting them down in the written form is awesome….especially to look back at what you wrote years later.

24. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers

If you buy the story or any of the others, please give me a review. Thanks.

  • Thank you David Lasaine for gracing us with your presence.It was a sheer pleasure.Good luck with your book.We conclude the interview here

    Thanks again from Team MusikDIV

    Book Exerpts – Sample Chapter

    The Sleepyland Slide By David Lasaine

    It was a stormy night with thunder roaring and lightning sending scary shadows through the bedroom window. A little boy huddling under his blanket cried out…
    “Whaaat?” moaned a tired deep voice from another room.
    “I’m scared” the squeaky little voice answered.
    “I’m coming” the big voice said.
    After a few moments a large, dark figure filled the doorway. When the little sleepy-eyed boy saw this…he was not scared anymore. This shadow was known as the creature that played games, tickled without mercy, made giant hot-fudge sundaes, told the best bedtime stories, and could turn tears…into smiles. This was…
    “Daddy?” asked the little boy.
    “Yes, Kelly, it’s me.”
    “Would you tell me a story?”
    “I think I can do that…hmmm, how about a magical slide?”
    “Can it be really high, and twisty, and bumpy, and lots of funny things?”
    “Yes, it will be a super magical special slide.”
    Just then, the bunk above Kelly began to shake. Out from under a pile of soft, red blankets popped the head of Kelly’s big brother, Shelby. He leaned over the railing like a monkey swinging from a tree by his tail. Smiling wide, showing the blank area where once there were two teeth, he excitedly said, “Tell me too, Daddy!”
    “You guys are reeeally something”, Daddy chuckled, while turning to sit in the chair that was next to the boys bed. This was no ordinary chair. This was the story chair. It was so big, and covered with soft, deep red velvet cloth. The back was very wide, like a peacock’s tail. It had arms that were thick and round like tree trunks. (The boys would sit on these and lean onto their daddy.) On the bottom of this huge chair were four tiny wooden legs with feet shaped like a birds foot holding a ball. Waiting on the soft seat would always be a storybook that the boys would pick for their daddy to read to them.

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