Interview with Katie Mettner

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We are delighted to have author Katie Mettner amongst us today at Musikdiv India Online Magazine at our Special ‘Authors Festival’ interview series to tell us about her new book Sugar’s Dance!
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Will the events of one snowy November night haunt her forever? Grab a cup of joe and meet Tula DuBois, Sugar to everyone who loves her, an accomplished ballroom dance instructor living in the Twin Ports of Lake Superior. From the outside Sugar appears to have it all, a successful business and a wonderful family, but behind closed doors Sugar’s emotional walls are crumbling as the events of one snowy November night ten years ago fill her nights with terror. As she struggles to keep her sanity from slipping away she is taunted by the never-ending mantra of why. Why is she still here?


So Katie, we’ll start your Interview with the very first question

1. Please introduce and tell the readers something about yourself.

My name is Katie Mettner and I grew up in Eau Claire Wisconsin. I moved to the northwoods of Wisconsin as a young adult and met my husband Dwayne in Rice Lake Wisconsin. We meet in November, were engaged in December and married in April; it was a whirlwind romance for sure! I am a mother of three kids and my day job is being a medical transcriptionist where I get to tell other people’s stories all day long. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, living organ donor and amputee. My hobbies are writing and ballroom dancing.

2. What brought you to writing?

I have always loved books and I loved how words went together and how you could start off with a clean sheet of paper and as you wrote your pencil became duller and duller, but when you finished you had something that could make someone feel happy, sad, lonely or angry. My parents always had us at the library and reading and exploring and so I think my interest came from holding a book in my hand and saying “Someday my name is going to be on one of these.”

3. How long have you been writing?

I have always been a writer. I started out as a public speaker writing my own speeches in high school and competing in forensics and debate. My day job as a medical transcriptionist is a bit like a story. There is always a main character, a problem that needs to be solved and a solution to that problem by the end.

4. Which was your first literary project?

My first project was called “Spaghetti Eddie”. It is a children’s book. The book is written, but I can’t draw, so I need to find an illustrator to get it done!

5. Is this your new/latest project?

My newest published book is Sugar’s Dance and I am currently working on her next adventure.

6. Traditional books or e-books? How do you prefer to see your works published? Have you tried ever publishing the traditional way?

I have Sugar’s Dance available in both paperback and ebook. I have found that the paperback is as sought after as ever.
I have not tried traditional publishing, because the book is something that needs to be told the way the author tells it, not the way an editor at a large publishing company thinks it should be.

7. Can you give a chapter sample preview of your book here for our readers to know more about it?

( Please look at the bottom of the interview for book excerpts )

8. What are your hobbies? Things that you enjoy doing besides books of course.

My hobbies are playing board games with my kids and ballroom dancing. I love to listen to music and walk through Canal Park in Duluth Minnesota. I enjoy movies and shopping with my daughter as well.

9. Who is your favorite author?

Mary Higgins Clark (early work). I love a good mystery and the way she would always write about a strong heroine.

10. What is your favorite genre to read and also to write?

My favorite genre to read is mystery suspense and that is also what I write. I also like inspirational romance.

11. Do you have a role model that you get inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the character herself and a lot of that character comes from my life.

12. Where do get your ideas from? Do you take your story ideas from real life situations?

I use the area in which I live and events in my life for story ideas. I have a lot of fun exploring new places and talking with new people getting them excited about the story and being in it.

13. Do you have a pseudonym?


14. What’s your experience been like in the publishing industry? Positive or negative? Please share your experience with our readers.

I spoke with several best selling authors who told me that this was the kind of story that needed to be told the way I wanted it told. They encouraged me to self publish and get a following to the book. I had originally intended to do self-publishing, but a lot of what they said was important in finding the right path for it. I have found that self-publishing is a great inexpensive way to get your book out to the public. With the Ebooks available at no cost everything is pure profit and you can change or reupload the book as you need to for any reason. The paperback has been extremely successful as I actually sell more paperback than ebook versions, which I was not expecting. I love that I have control over the whole process and its POD so there is no excess inventory sitting around.

15. Where do you see yourself 10years from now?

I hope that 10 years from now I am writing and being out promoting organ donation on an inspirational speaking type of situation.

16. What motivates you to write?

I just have this drive to tell more of this character’s story and to grow the characters around her. Sugar’s fans asking me when the next adventure is coming out is always great motivation!

17. How important is good cover art for your books?

I designed my own cover using the cover creator. I saw the picture and knew that it had to be the cover of the book. The three birds outlined against the lighthouse signify the people she has lost and as the reader gets into the book they will understand why I chose the picture. I wanted a dramatic affect, so I chose the darker colors and the S as it goes across the page was added affect for the character inside. In my opinion the cover is the most important part because if the reader isn’t drawn to the cover so they pick up the book they won’t know the great story that is inside.

18. Do you have a price strategy for your books?

I just went with a lot of industry standards. I priced the ebooks at a level where people would be willing to pop on a new author and the paperback is priced well below what the publisher said it should be. I felt that it was more important to get people to pick it up and read it than to price it out of the range where people would be interested.

19. Have you read a bestseller that you didnt feel was as good as yours?

I don’t try to compare my book to other authors because rarely are they every the same. I can say I was very disappointed in the last Stephanie Plum novel. I keep waiting for the author to move the character somewhere and she is keeping her stagnant, which I think is a good way to lose readers. I always try to move the characters somewhere with each book; I think that is important if you are going to do a series.

20. Why do you think readers should buy your book? What can you offer them through your book?

Sugar is a character that will draw you in and make you want to try and fix things for her and at the same time realize that she is strong enough and determined enough to fix them herself. I think every one knows a “Sugar” in their lives. I hope that I can offer the reader some insight into faith and love and life with limitations. I hope that the readers find it to be a fun ride through the Twin Ports of Lake Superior and they learn a little about the area. I now for sure that the book will offer tears and happiness and smiles and confusion and coffee, for sure it will offer coffee and lots of it. Maybe they will find a new crooner that they will take to listening to after the book is finished as well. There are a lot of different places the reader can go in this story.

21. Where is your book available? Any Buy Link for our readers?

Amazon Kindle >>
AllRomance Ebooks >>

22. Do you have a website or a blog that you’d like to share here? is my website. The current events are updated regularly and there are links to where to buy and music and pictures from Sugar’s World.

23. What advice would you give to other writers?

Don’t be afraid to put it out there. When I published Sugar’s Dance I never dreamed that it would be as successful as it has been. People love to read, they love to get lost in an adventure and they will come back for more if they fall in love with a character. My other piece of advice is write everyday. Even if it’s only one paragraph or you jot down an idea or a theme for the book. Doing it every day keeps it fresh.

24. Anything else you’d like to share with our readers

Thank you for taking the time to interview me and put this up on your website. I hope that everyone who reads Sugar’s Dance finds it a journey that renews their sense of the human spirit and that it gives people hope for a brighter tomorrow for whatever issue they are struggling with. When I think back over the things that have happened it doesn’t take long for me to see a message in that timeline, the message that everything happens for a reason and we may not know what they are right away, but with time they are revealed. I hope you laugh, I hope you cry and most of all I hope you dance….

  • Thank you Katie Mettner for gracing us with your presence.It was a sheer pleasure.Good luck with your book.We conclude the interview here

    Thanks again from Team MusikDIV

    Book Exerpts – Sample Chapter

    Sugar’s Dance By Katie Mettner

    Will the events of one snowy November night haunt her forever?
    Grab a cup of joe and meet Tula Dubois, Sugar to everyone who loves her, an accomplished ballroom dance instructor living in the Twin Ports of Lake Superior. From the outside Sugar appears to have it all, a successful business and a wonderful family, but behind closed doors Sugar’s emotional walls are crumbling as the events of one snowy November night ten years ago fill her nights with terror. As she struggles to keep her sanity from slipping away she is taunted by the never-ending mantra of why. Why is she still here? Why was she spared? When Drug Task Force Agent Donovan Walsh arrives in Duluth, Minnesota, there is no doubt in his mind that it’s the tip of the end of the world and he prays that his assignment will be short so he can escape back home to sunny, warm Texas. That is until he meets his latest protected witness, Sugar. His job is simple — protect her from a madman determined to engage her in a dangerous tango. All it takes is one dance across the floor and Agent Walsh quickly discovers there is nothing simple about Sugar. As the gales of November blow early, Van finds himself drawn to Sugar as he leads her through a tender dance of grief and guilt. The sadness in her eyes when she thinks no one is looking compels him to help her rediscover her love for dancing and the reasons why she was left behind. As one storm eases another intensifies and Sugar is pulled back into a high stakes promenade with a psychopath hellbent on destroying her family and her town. Sugar must summon her strength and give the performance of a lifetime as she becomes an unwilling partner in a treacherous dance of drugs, kidnapping and family betrayal. It’s a dance where one misstep could leave her fighting for her life! As winter descends upon Lake Superior, Sugar will waltz through the darkness to find faith, hope, and the greatest of these, love….
    “The gentle falling of the flakes as they built up on the deck blending together and losing their identity to become one flake. Maybe that was what I needed to stop doing. Maybe I needed to stop trying to blend together to make one flake and be who I am. I let the thought wander through my mind as I watched the snow pile up. Who am I and who do I want to be? I know I don’t want to be the person I am right now. I know that I don’t want to spend every night in fear and every day afraid of the night. I want to be a dancer and want to love it as much as I used to before the accident. I want to be the face behind MAMBOS and I want to keep doing all the things I love and I want all the rest to stop. I want to be a place where my friends come to be with me and not come to make sure I’m okay. I want to be happy as everyone keeps telling me I need to be and I had to figure out how to do that. I knew that answer lay with answering the why.” Sugar DuBois

    Buy Sugar’s Dance by Katie Mettner On Amazon Kindle >>

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