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We are delighted to have author Wynne Jones amongst us today at Musikdiv India Online Magazine at our Special ‘Authors Festival’ interview series to tell us about his new book The Chronological Christmas Caper!
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The crime of the century appears to have taken place in Gotham City, the week before Christmas 2010. The Native American psychic agent has just five days to save Christmas. He gets help from the most unlikely of sources, with a sprinkling of magic, while he travels through a maze of deception to discover the truth and reach the end(s).

So Wynne, we’ll start your Interview with the very first question

1.Please introduce and tell the readers something about yourself.

I am a forty nine year old child.

2.What brought you to writing?

I wrote songs and poems as a teenager. I have always wanted to write a book. Full time work commitments were not conducive to writing. Since working part time I have a lot more time to dedicate to it.

3.How long have you been writing?

I made a couple of abortive (formulaic with a view to film rights) attempts 3-4 years ago – cringingly bad. I gave up, but every book starts with a single word – they don’t write themselves. Well most don’t.Three months ago, after reading a book, I had an idea and my book wrote itself (magic !?) – but I needed about 20 rewrites before achieving the final version.
I now know it takes commitment, dedication and perseverance to write a book. Then commitment, dedication and perseverance to critically edit, revise and proof read it. Then commitment, dedication and perseverance to market it. No wonder so many people think they have a book in them but fail to write one.

4.Which was your first literary project?Tell us something about it.

The Chronological Christmas Caper – 4 versions for children . Aged 19 – 99(senior striplings), teenagers tale (13-18), childrens chronicle (9-12) and tot’s tale (6-9).
Tha latter is free as an ebook Mon Jan 16-20th 2012
The crime of the century appears to have been committed in Gotham City. Sunday has gone missing, assumed kidnapped, the week before Christmas 2010. The Native American psychic agent, Detective NAPA, has just five days to save Christmas. He works his way through a maze of deception, receiving assistance from the most unlikely of sources, before discovering the truth and reaching the end(s).

5.Is this your new/latest project?

Yes – my one and only, so far. Detective NAPA will probably stay in Gotham City for one more adventure, while he obtains sole custody of his son. He’s thinking of relocating to Wonderland or Neverland, to get his son away from the crime ridden streets of Gotham, so I intend to follow his adventures there.

6. Traditional books or e-books? How do you prefer to see your works published? Have you tried ever publishing the traditional way?

I submitted a brief outline to one literary agent – JK Rowling’s. Aim high! This was the only agent I tried and I decided to self publish once I’d received the rejection, which was justifiable based on my submission. Self publishing is so easy. I am waiting for a local illustrator to produce a cover (I have put together the temporary cover) – once I have the illustrated cover I will produce a paperbook via Amazon and pay the £80ish to make it available to other wholesalers. I’ll just do the Senior Striplings version in the first instance.
I have offered the illustrator (me)51/49% on profits from an illustrated tale for tots (6-9 yrs) that will also be produced in paperback, should he wish to pursue this option – I think he will.

7.Can you give a chapter sample preview of your book here for our readers to know more about it.

This is one of the end(s) which sums up the irreverence of the book, but is not an integral part of the plot.
( Please look at the bottom of the interview for book excerpts )

8.What are your hobbies?Things that you enjoy doing besides books of course.

I play tennis, play guitar and write songs.

9.Who is your favourite author?

My favourite author at the moment is Robert Rankin, esp the Brentford trilogy.

10.What is your favourite genre to read and also to write?

I prefer writing in the surreal, satirical and stupid genre – the world I wish to live in, where anything is possible. I like to read sci-fi and thrillers.

11.Do you have a role model that you get inspiration from?

Kurt Vonnegut for his irreverent humour and ability to apply it to the most serious of issues.

12.Where do get your ideas from?Do you take your story ideas from real life situations?

The stupidity of life and trying to view things through the eyes of a child. The subtext of this first novel represents real life.

13. Do you have a pseudonym?

Bill Ovrights.

14.Whats your experience been like in the publishing industry?Postive or negative?Please share your experience with our readers.

l have minimal experience of the traditional publishing industry but would say that they have to make money, so some critisism may be harsh and unfair. I’ve gone the Kindle/Amazon self publishing route and it’s incredibly easy and highly recommended.

15.Where do you see yourself 10years from now?

With at least four (but hopefully lots more) books under my belt

16. What motivates you to write?

To put a smile on someone’s face and give them a bias to optimism.

17. How important is good cover art for your books?

My thoughts on this are based on received wisdom – good covers help sell books – my temporary cover is acceptable and based on my limited abilities, but the fact I am getting an illustrator to produce a cover implies I pay heed to this received wisdom.

18. Do you have a price strategy for your books?

I am making it up on the hoof but it is somewhat defined by Amazon. The tots tale, childrens chronicle and tale for teenagers are based on the minimum price (before VAT) I am able to sell them at at the 70% commission level ($2.99/£1.49). The senior striplings version is at a slight premium – $3.49/£1.99. I will be using the 5 day free giveaway on the tot’s and childrens versions, to promote sales on the other two, as they are a lot shorter in page length and the tot’s version is best sold as an illustrated paperback.
If and when it’s produced I will probably sell the illustrated tot’s tale for £4.99. I will start the senior striplings paperback at $9.99(the max you can sell at to get 70% I think) and £6.99. The beauty of self publishing is you can always bring the price down (even for a short period) and trial different pricing strategies. I will have a much better idea of how to approach pricing with my second book.

19. How does it make you feel when you read a bestselling book that you don’t feel is as good as yours?

It tells me I need to do a better job at marketing my book – if I don’t do it, no-one else will.

20.Why do you think readers should buy your book?What can you offer them through your book?

To give them an idea for a great christmas present for a friend or loved one.
I can offer Optimism, sceptisism and belief.

21.Where is your book available?Any Buy Link for our readers?

22.Do you have a website or a blog that you’d like to share here.

I’m in the process of setting up >>

23. What advice would you give to other writers? is an arts council website. It’s great for feedback from other authors (in return for you giving feedback) and turned what were a bunch of good ideas I had, into a readable book. Submit. Take the feedback on board. Amend. Resubmit. And repeat a lot of times.

24.Anything else you’d like to share with our readers

Don’t believe all you read.

  • Thank you Wynne Jones for gracing us with your presence.It was a sheer pleasure.Good luck with your book.We conclude the interview here

    Thanks again from Team MusikDIV

    Book Exerpts – Sample Chapter

    The Chronological Christmas Caper By Wynne Jones

    Chapter – is a website allowing whistle-blowers to post information, considered to be in the public interest, on the internet, anonymously. Organisations with lots of power and money do not like this website, so for that reason neither does the Mayor. has a logo, in the shape of a whistle and a motto similar, but exactly the opposite to motto of the Magic Circles. In Latin, the motto “indocilis publica loqui”, roughly translates as “apt to disclose secrets.”
    This website is similar to the practice of phone hacking in that it cannot be judged illegal, if the act of obtaining and disclosing such information is justifiable, as being in the public interest. It enables the publication of truths, that may otherwise remain secret, by conscientious sources, with an understandable aversion to prison.
    The content of this book has been brought to you as a result of phone tapping and information disclosure, some of which was provided in a redacted format, with paragraphs blanked out. My lawyers have advised the Mayor, that the publication of this book is considered to be in the public interest and legal under the First Amendment; the right to free speech without government interference. However, I was advised to release this book under a pseudonym, as I live in fear of rendition to Gotham City or Sweden, under some obscure clauses contained in the Patriot Act.

    Chapter – Breaking news of the break out
    A newsflash filled the screen of every TV switched on in Gotham City. It was twelve minutes past midnight, on Sunday, December 19th, 2010. All was not as it appeared to be.
    A large photo of the Japer filled the TV screens.
    “We are sorry to break into your program to bring you this newsflash. The Japer has escaped from prison. He is a white-faced, six-foot tall clown, with a constant grin on his face, painted on with red lipstick. He has large black eyebrows and a round, red nose. He was last seen wearing a yellow suit and a silly, small bowler hat with over sized, red shoes, causing him to walk in a funny way. Do not be fooled, as this man is dangerous. That’s the end of the…I’m sorry I’m just being handed some more breaking news.”
    A hand, passing a piece of paper to the presenter, appeared on the right hand side of the screen.
    “Holy handbrake!” said the presenter, “The Mayor has asked the public to stay calm. Sunday had gone missing…Sorry, I’m just getting more news through my earpiece.” There was a short pause. “The time is now fifteen minutes past midnight, on the morning of Monday, December the 20th, 2010. We now only have five shopping days before Christmas Day. We are unable to return you to the program you were watching. As a result of the disappearance of Sunday, the programs for Monday, December the 20th will now start, after this newsflash”

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