‘Indo German Urban Mela’ to showcase German music culture in India

Showcasing and celebrating the vibrant German musical culture in India ‘Indo German Urban Mela’, a 10-day program has been designed by German artiste Markus Heinsdorff. Commencing from 14 April, the event will span across five cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune.

The fest will also include innovative concepts for technology, engineering, education, art, food and dance.

For the first time, a 3D stereoscopic AV Electronica performance tour will be created by Indian collective BLOT which will feature steroscopic print, video and projections. The fest will also present a day long conference ‘India Goes 3D’ showcasing electronica music, workshop by hip-hop academy Hamburg and German hip-hop ambassador Akim Walta.

The event will also witness performances by renowned artistes like Daniel Haaksman, Marius Bubat, Goerge Conrad, Ada, Gaurav Malekar, Avinash Kumar, Nucleya and Arjun Vagale.

The fest is a set of modern multi-purpose pavilions featuring novel musical concept ‘Silent Disco’. The special gig will provide wireless headsets to create an ambiance of silent disco.

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