Scariest place : EARTH ?

No, earth is not a scariest place to live. If we can over exploit/pollute it,then we only can decrease it.can we ?Its not for for our globe or for some one else its only for us .

1) Carrying a bag to shopping ,may reduce usage of plastic but even it effect our economy i.e., a plastic cover costs 2 rs or bag may cost 6 rs so thrice a week we go to shopping ,we have to bear bag cost , we no need to wait for him to pack him in a cover and our time will also be saved.

2)People are so busy that they don’t have time to care for their health and we use frozen/cold storage food or vegetables which are stored in refrigerators. in spite of getting the material availability we store them and eat and spoil our health and when comes to electricity we waste it by useless usage of AC’s & refrigerator which release more CFC ,damage ozone layer.

3)We are habituated to more comforts that we neglect our health and our life style has drastically changed that their is no physical activity. Unless a Doctor suggests us for walking or jogging or gym, we are not bothered. For every work we take our vehicle ,if it is near by or if it is on our way back home.

4)We like greenery and trees but we don’t have at least a plant in our places because we have to take care of it and water them,many others things

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