Rs 6 lakh for a night of dance, booze and sex in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Its security befitted a spy agency, its charges were more than a starred hotel’s, and the operations were straight out of a James Bond thriller. The Sun-n-Sheel, an inconspicuous hotel in Andheri, was busted last month for running a prostitution racket and dance bars. It was not, however, the catch that left the raiding … Continue reading

How to become the ‘real’ Anna Hazare

Anna breaks fast after 288 hours! Anna Hazare ended his 12-day fast Sunday morning before tens of thousands of cheering supporters at Ramlila Maidan by sipping a glass of coconut water with honey offered to him by two girls. Just wearing Gandhi caps with ‘Mein Bhi Anna (I am Anna)’ will not make you Anna … Continue reading

People’s Notable Political Fasts

Fasts, whether for political or social ends, aren’t and have never been absent from the Indian scene even after the tryst with destiny. To give only one of countless examples, Potti Sriramlu starved himself to death in 1953. This virtually forced Jawaharlal Nehru to separate Andhra from what was then the multi-lingual state of Madras … Continue reading

Some things Hindus should note about Terrorists attacks

With another attack in Bombay/Mumbai city lets try to understand the ideology behind the attacks : Previous Attacks claimed by Indian Mujahideen The emails sent by Indian Mujahideen claimed that they were responsible for the following terror incidents. One warning email was received 5 minutes before the first blast in Ahmedabad. Another was received soon … Continue reading